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Higher Education Initiative Business Continuity Management (BCLE 1500) Course

Course topics include BCP methodology; developing plan goals and objectives; data gathering; incorporating human resources; integrating alternative strategies for catastrophic event response and recovery; developing training/testing programs; creating plan products; and maintaining BCP relevancy. Other topics discussed are designing public relations/crisis communications strategies, coordinating efforts with public authorities and establishing emergency preparedness and response procedures.

Students receive the Professional Practices for Business Continuity Planners Guidebook and Case Studies of various companies' disaster responses and best practices in BCM. A BCP Tools & Resources Kit is also provided with DVD lists and website links of articles noted in the course.

BCLE 1500 prepares students for the DRI International Qualifying Examination and enables them to take the test at no extra cost upon course completion. Students who do not pass the exam are entitled to one FREE retake; and those who pass can then apply for certification at a nominal fee.

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